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The Professional Concert Go-er attends Skrillex Fall Tour

ReviewRebecca PotznerComment

"My. Name. Is. Skrillex...My.Name.Is. Skrillex...My.Name.Is. Skrillex." 

A robotic voice repeated the line as his three-lined logo illuminated in red. The tension in the crowd rose as we anticipated his entrance. 

After having the opportunity to experience Skrillex live a handful of times and then missing out, I finally found myself standing, I mean dancing, in the front of a stage where he worked his magic.

The venue, LC Pavillion, was packed and radiating heat. So much so, that the ceiling began to drip with water. Basically, we made it rain. But, the temperature didn't matter. We raged, anyway.

Hands raised, hips swaying, heads  banging, and feet jumping the crowd pulsated to the beat of Skrillex's set. He seized the perfect moments, jumping up onto the table waving his hands. Moving like he was in the crowd with us. Playing his big hits including 'Scary monsters and Nice Sprites' and 'Promises' mixed with a pinch of rock and even a little 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time'. The laser and light production complete with flumes of smoke perfectly matched the high energy show.   

While I was secretly hoping that diplo would show up as  a surprise guest and we'd all be blown away by impromptu Jack U, I was not entirely let down. Skrillex took us there by playing their track featuring Kiesza. (And for those of you who didn't get that, he played 'Take U There')

A moment I won't forget was when he hopped up on the table and took the moment to say this...."No matter where you're from or what you're into, we're here because we want to feel something."  I loved it because it rang true. We were all packed into that building because we wanted to feel something we couldn't find anywhere else. 

The one thing I found disappointing was the closing. Hyping up the crowd, he told the girls to yell and then the guys. Then. he walked off stage and the lights wasted no time to flick back on. 

Overall, I would hands down go to another Skrillex show and highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance.