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Shut Up and Dance with Walk The Moon's New Video

Rebecca PotznerComment

Walk the Moon released the official video for 'Shut Up and Dance' today. The 80's-esque video is fun, vibrant, and includes a very entertaining dance solo by Nicholas. The vibe matches perfectly with the bands personality and the upbeat song. Like almost any WTM song, it will have you itching to dance. Let loose, let out a shimmy, give us a twirl. Have a mini dance session with the music video. You deserve it! 


While we never want to be that outlet that lures you in and then makes you click a link to an outside source, Vevo unfortunately is forcing us to do so. To watch the 'Shut Up and Dance' video, click here. Below is just a preview.

As your clicking around, check out the article WTM did with Mashable covering some of their favorite 80's videos and where they found their inspiration.