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X5IGHT Releases 'Seek Bromance' Remix

Rebecca PotznerComment

I was already a fan of 'Seek Bromance' and Tim Berg whom many of you know as Avicii. And I was already a fan of X5IGHT and have been enjoying watching their growth. So, when I heard Tiesto had used it during a set in Vegas, it only solidified that I'd be a fan, maybe even a lover of the remix. 

The Dj/producer duo released their 'Seek Bromance' remix to the public today after quite some time of teasing fans . The high energy remix brings life back to a semi-oldie but goody.  I'm a sucker for good intro's and they pulled me in right away. Here's what X5IGHT had to say about the remix: 

"We're so damn X5IGHTED to get this remix out! It’s such a classic song that got so many people into electronic music. We wanted to put our stamp on the song and give it a modern reboot!"