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Flux Pavilion Doesn't Want You to be a Half Assed Hater

Rebecca PotznerComment

Yesterday, we were graced with a lengthy Facebook post from Flux Pavilion calling out listeners. (Read Below) All he really wants is for us to give things a chance. If you hate something, fine. But don't just jump to a conclusion. Sit back, take it in and remember what the music is all about. 

We're on your side, Flux. No hatin' here! 

Dearest Fluxicles.

It's an age old deal in this scene. Artists feeling like they are under fire for experimenting with new sounds, Fans feeling like their favourite act is moving in a wayward direction, It’s become a bit of a catch 22. Creatively I believe an artist makes art, and as such is eternally entitled to the freedom of using creativity as an expression of their ideas, more often than not taking many different forms through experimentation. The listeners, Human beings in general, are equally entitled to have a view and an opinion on this art once it exists within the public domain. For some artist’s generating opinion and discussion is wholly the point, although I myself make music for the auditory and emotional pleasure of the sound itself, rather than concentrating on what the music stands for.
The world is moving very quick these days. We want music and we want it now! right? I love that! everything is moving so quickly, its exciting and inspiring, but i feel experimental growth is on occasion being put to one side out of fear of an immediate negative reaction.
When i see comments within seconds of posting a track (positive or negative) I’m always shocked that a piece of work that took me days/weeks/months has been judged and summarized in under a minute. The world is fast, sure, but its not THAT fast, surely we can afford to take a minute to soak everything up before we put a sticker on it with a rating out of ten. Some of my favourite albums and records lay gathering dust after one listen because I didn’t like it at first, but given time i have discovered some gems that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
What i’m saying is. If you want to hate something, that’s completely cool, and you are empowered to do so, but give your self some time to really learn what you hate about it. Don’t rest at a knee jerk reaction, you are denying yourself the pleasure of distilling and understanding your hatred at a deeper level. Don’t be a half assed Hater! Who knows, you may just surprise yourself and end up liking it.

Yours sincerely 
Flux Pavilion