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NEW MUSIC: Clones of Clones Releases 'I Don't Need Your Love' EP

Rebecca PotznerComment

Sounds like: Cage the Elephant, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Stone Roses, and maybe little bit like Bad Veins. 

The Washington band, Clones of Clones, released their 'I Don't Need Your Love' EP this week. While I've just discovered the band, it seems they haven't lost their touch as it's been a year since their last release. Get a feel for the EP and listen to my favorite track in the video below.

The entire EP is available for streaming on Soundcloud, Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes.

ABOUT Clones of Clones

Full of passion, kind of nerdy, sort of mad-scientist-y but never pretentious– they’re a group of four guys that just want to have a good time with music, and to share that spirit with their listeners. They’ve got a sound that strikes a nostalgic cord with millennials, dishing out their own take on the soundtrack that defined generation Y’s childhood. In bonding over the music that they love and grew up with, clones of clones have created a musical byproduct that is both fresh and familiar.

Clones of Clones makes music that is accessible, catchy and fun. As their name cleverly implies, they like to think of themselves as “a slightly mutated test tube baby of your favorite rock bands.”