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NEW MUSIC: Bream & Ron Carroll Reach to the 'Stars' with New Single

Rebecca PotznerComment

With Bream's production talent and Ron Carrolls lyrics and voice, they've joined forces to create an upbeat, inspirational progressive house piece entitled, 'Stars'. The full track is set to release November 24th, but we've featured a preview for you below. 

Flamingo Recordings described the single perfectly stating... 

"Ron Carroll's  silky  voice  interweaves  with  Bream's  rolling  basses  and  brisk  melodies. The combination makes the track a solid party bullet and soothing poultice at the same time. So, every time you feel discouraged, see the light shining before your eyes and reach... for the play button to listen to the 'Stars'."

We're looking forward to hearing more work from Bream and other Artists under Flamingo Recordings. Yes, even you, Mr. Fedde Le Grand.


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