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Interview: The Runners talk BPM Breaker, New Music + More

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While I didn't get to ask them the story behind their name, you could say that The Runners are well on their way to running the music industry. For years, the two focused on producing; creating hits with Usher, Rick Ross, Rihanna, and Chris Brown just to name a few. Their hard work was recognized and have been nominated for 'Producer of the Year' at both the BET awards AND Grammy's.

Inspiration struck Dru Brett and Mayne Zayne when listening to Swedish House Mafia, and so started their Journey into the world of EDM. If you've tuned into Sirius XM's channel BPM, you're familiar with the BPM Breaker, a song they think is going to well, break. The Runners first EDM piece not only premiered on Kramer's show on BPM but has been featured as the BPM Breaker, snagging the hearts of many listeners. The feel good, ultra inspiring track will have you singing and ready to take on the world. It's the perfect track to pull your non-EDM fan friends over to the PLUR side.  

Take a listen to 'We Will Stand', prepare to put it on repeat and check out what The Runners and I had to talk about. 


Q. How does it feel to have “We Will Stand” as the BPM Breaker on Sirius XM’s BPM? How has the feedback been?

A. To have SiriusXM premier “We Will Stand” was a tremendous honor and we have been thrilled to see the kind of reception it’s had by the fans. We were the #10 song in Geronimo’s Beats of the Week, and the song keeps gaining in popularity.


Q. Seeing as you haven’t always produced EDM, will your work stay fairly similar to ‘We Will Stand’ or will you tap into different styles?

A. We have a lot more tracks that will be rolling out soon. Like 'We Will Stand', many feature great vocals, but we will definitely mix up our style through the releases. The familiarity will come with the production values that we put into each track and the high standards that we hold ourselves to.


Q. You joined forces in 2000. Had you kept in contact since Kindergarten or did you cross paths and realize you could bring your talents together?

A. We had a few years apart, but when we reconnected it was amazing that we were both doing music production. That was definitely a sign that we should join forces.


Q. Already established in the music industry, what brought you over to EDM?

A. Our love for music! We have worked in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and even Country. At the end of the day, we are musicians and we make music that we like to listen to, not necessarily music that is simply defined by a genre. Making Dance music is a natural extension of what we’ve been doing for the last decade.


Q. Having quite the client list, will we hear any collaborations with artists you’ve worked with in the past?

A. There are definitely some things in the works. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest artists out there. Just as exciting to us though is the ability to feature amazing talents that maybe haven’t broken through to the mainstream yet.


Q. Who is your favorite artist that you’ve worked with so far?

A. We’ve been blessed to work with some amazing artists over the years. The special thing has been seeing artists who we worked with in the beginning really build their names and careers after working with us.


Q. Talk to me about the process of creating ‘We Will Stand’. How did Alec Marie, Jenson Vaughn, and Frederick come into the picture? Did you have a vision for the lyrics or did Vaughn kind of take the wheel with that aspect?

A. We collaborated with Jenson who had written “This Is What It Feels Like” for Armin van Buuren. He was down in Miami working with us and busted out this amazing acapella that Frederick had sung. Right then we knew we had to write some music for it. The track came together pretty quick after that.


Q. What’s next for The Runners?

A. We are focused on getting a ton of new music out there to our fans. We have lots of great things in the works and we want to make sure that you are constantly hearing from us in 2015.


Q. What would you say to those who once said you’d only be “One Hit Wonders”?

A. They should listen to our other hits.


Q. If you could choose a song to represent you/your brand, what would it be?

A. We wouldn’t want to choose a song, we would want to write another one.