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#NP Avicii's 'The Nights' Official Video Will Be Remembered (New Release)

Rebecca PotznerComment

A big reason I strongly support EDM and why you'll see a lot of it on RPM, is the positivity it gives off. Rarely, do I find myself questions whether or not an edm song is inappropriate to share with my readers or whether or not it will look bad on my personal brand. EDM always puts me in a good mood and if it's not inspiring me to get to work on making my dreams come true, it's begging me to well, dance!

Avicii's new song 'The Nights', is no different. It's a live your life to the fullest anthem that will inspire you to get out there and start making things happen. Avicii collaborated with Nick Furlong aka RAS, who not only wrote the lyrics but takes credit for the vocals, as well. Furlong wanted to capture his fathers advice to "live a life he will remember."

The video takes the journey a little further. We follow along, Rory Kramer (Whom shot our 3LAU interview), through "the nights that will never die", living his life to the absolute fullest.