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Album Review: Halsey - Room 93

ReviewRebecca PotznerComment

I’m a sucker for good storytelling, and Halsey’s “Room 93” has got me hooked. Halsey’s music is a tantalizing blend of raw, lyrical poetry, ghostly vocals, and gritty, ethereal synth and beats. This EP is a teaser for a full-length album that’ll be out next summer. Check out her debut single, “Ghost”:

Unapologetically full of apologies, regret, and heartbreak, “Room 93” explores love in the 21st century within the meatphorical confines of a hotel room. Each of the four tracks is accompanied by a music video, each telling a story that ties in to the overarching theme.

In an interview with Noisey, Halsey explains the concept for the music/video project: "When you’re trying to form a relationship with someone in a closed environment like a hotel room, the only thing that’s really affecting the relationship is the person right in front of you. It kind of strips it down to this bare, vulnerable intimacy, which can be a good thing because it can really give you an opportunity to be yourself, or it can be a bad thing because someone’s there to call you out for being someone you’re not. That conflict really made its way into my music. When I was going through the songs and deciding what I wanted to pick for the EP, I definitely noticed that continuity. That’s why I ended up calling it Room 93, and that’s how we ended up making all the videos about this one hotel room that’s sucking the life out of these couples."