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#NP Misterwives - Reflections (Gryffin Remix)

New MusicRebecca PotznerComment

I've been meaning to share 'Reflections' with you and no, not my own personal reflections.  Misterwives released a song entitled 'Reflections', an oddly upbeat song referencing the murky waters after a break up and rinsing away everything that reminds you of well, you know who.

Huh, maybe I could reflect on that situation...Nope. No! This is a music blog, let's carry on... 

While I enjoy the original and have fallen in love with the vocals and lyrics, I've fallen head over heels in love with Gryffin's remix. A more "chilled" out version of the song, Gryffin slows down the tempo and gives it a deeper vibe; A vibe that I believe is better fitting. Beware as this hauntingly infectious rework will have you pressing replay and belting along with the lyrics. Gryffin has quickly become one of my current favorite artists and I highly encourage you to check out his other work.