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#NP Little Boots - “Taste It”

New MusicRebecca PotznerComment
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I love me some Little Boots, and her latest release is no exception!

“Taste It,” the first single from her “Business Pleasure” EP, is a hypnotic, bumpy dance track about “how we get addicted to things that are bad for us but you still go back, you still want more.”

Check out the video: it’s a trip. The British electropop songstress croons over a visually bold statement on the self-destructive nature of modern consumer culture.

Her style has experienced quite the evolution, from the mainstream electronic pop “Hands” era, to the big box collaborative 90’s house/70’s disco-inspired “Nocturnes,” and now her latest “power bitching” project released through her own boutique label. How does Little Boots’ new flavor taste to you?