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#NP Marco V Releases 'Nashoba' 3-Track Package

Rebecca PotznerComment

You know it's good when you've had a song on repeat for an hour and didn't even notice.

This past Monday, Marco V released a new track on Flamingo Recordings along with two remixes by Thomas Newson and Jaden Daves. "The three 3-track package, without any doubts, is the crème de la crème for all the enthusiasts of hell-bent beats and driving leads. No room for half measures and no room for compromises. Just relentless sound and in-your-face structure," shared Flamingo Recordings. Marco V wastes no time with this new electro house beat, pulling listeners in with 

The two remixes included help create the perfect package with each artist adding in their own twist, yet still keeping the key aspects of the original. Daves' remix starts out slower but builds into this perfect twist leading up to the original beat. Newson's remix doesn't stray too far from the original until he hits you with a dance anthem approach. No matter which track you choose, you certainly can't go wrong. 

 One fact that makes this package a little more interesting? Newson is Marco V's son. Love the family collaboration!

The package is now available on beatport. Take a listen and let us know which track is your favorite!

About the Artist.

Born in the Dutch lowlands of Heeswijk-Dinther, Marco Verkuijlen has established himself as one of the most inventive, diverse and creative electronic music minds working today. Through his very first releases he became the architect of tech-trance; a sound that went on to become a fully-fledged electronic music phenomena. Continually modifying and fine-tuning his style ever since, he has gone on to create numerous leading-edge dance classics - ‘Godd’, ‘Indicator’, ‘Echnalava’, ‘More Than A Life Away’ & ‘Coma Aid’ numbered among them. Behind the decks he has smashed nights in all the world’s farthest corners, played a near uncountable number of tent-pole events for the scene’s flagship club & festival brands.