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#NP Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer (J'Adore Remix)

New MusicRebecca Potzner1 Comment

How do you get me to listen to a Fifth Harmony song? Let J'Adore remix it. 

The Denver based DJ collaborated with Billy Beats to produce her very first remix and they did work! Taking the somewhat slow song, J'Adore and Billy Beats amped up 'Sledgehammer' and turned it into a super fun dance track. 

J'Adore is on the come up and we're looking forward to seeing where she goes. 



"To the French, "J'adore" means to adore or to love something. Jenny Kaminski's DJ persona - J'adore - was created as a fusion of her first name and the concept of adoring your life, a theme she carries throughout everything she does. Her pursuit as a DJ is to make people smile.

Co-owner of Denver's Global DJ Academy, a leader in DJ & music production education, with her husband DJ Walt White, J'adore's excitement surrounding DJing began while playing alongside him. The duo love to perform together as Bounce Agenda.

Some of J'adore's favorite moments behind the decks have been sharing the stage with live acts such as Morcheeba, Nadia Ali, Rebecca & Fiona, EC Twins, Ecotek, dEV, LMFAO's Sky Blu, DJ Lindsay Luv, Lady Starlight, spinning for Denver Fashion Weekend and for thousands of people during a yoga class at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. J'Adore is the founder of "Femme Sessions", an all-female DJ lineup concept, created as a way to bring female DJ talent together in a male-dominated art form.

When performing, whether it be a dynamic down-tempo trip hop or deep house set, a high-fashion runway show, taking full control of the dance floor in front of thousands or moving yogis during a vitalizing practice, J'adore is known for flawlessly creating a musical set to perfectly deliver the beats to set the music environment to the occasion."