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Icona Pop: The Best Songs You Haven't Heard

Rebecca PotznerComment

Icona Pop just wrapped their world tour and now the dancefloor-thumping Swedish duo have retreated to LA to spin out their next record. As we eagerly await their next release, let's do a quick recap and review some of the gems you may have missed from their debut EP and album.

Yes, guys: there's a whole lot more to Iconapop than "I Don't Care." A lot. Icona Pop keeps it stocked with an arsenal of raw dance pop tracks that'll play on all your feels. Check it out.

Ready for the Weekend
This is THE ultimate weekend anthem. Whether you're pre-gaming for a night out with your crew or a night in with bae, crank this up to get the party started.

Wanna B With Somebody
Need to break up with your current boyfriend/girlfriend/job and don't know how to do it? Send your boyfriend/girlfriend/boss this song. It'll make things pretty clear.

Lovers to Friends
Iconapop knows exactly how it feels. They've been there. This song contrasts the mourning of love lost with bright, poppy synth and a dancey beat.

Nights Like This
In need of a pick-me-up? This fun-loving, bouncy track will give you a hit of arpeggiating square synth bass and a sing-along chorus: "Nights like this, you will never be alone."

This is just a handful of tracks - what are your favorites? Which ones do you think deserved more radio time? Let us know in the comments!