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RPM: A Music Blog for the Young Professional

Rebecca PotznerComment


A music blog. Not just any music blog but one dedicated to the young professional.  The twenty somethings that have a passion for their work. The ones dedicated to their personal brand. The YoPro, if you will. 

To many of us, music is just as important as our work even if we're just the listeners and not the artist. That's ok. We're artists in our own industry. Music fuels us while we work, it gives us something to relate to, gets our hearts pumping, our toes tapping, and a place to 'let go'. 


So, why not have a music blog dedicated to us? After all, we're dedicated to the music we listen to. For that, Twist on PR brings you RPM, dedicated to bringing you music news, reviews, and interviews that you can share through social media without tarnishing your brand.