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8 Song Lyrics to Inspire You in 2015

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At the beginning of every year, people all over the world set out to make a change in their lives. Some resolutions are simple while others may take more work or self control.  No matter the resolution, it's always nice to find some inspiration. Inspiration can undoubtedly be found anywhere, but one place I like to turn to is music and the lyrics that may be intertwined. To inspire a year full of following your passions and reaching goals, I've compiled a list of lyrics from some of my favorite EDM tracks. You'll find a playlist of all the songs at the end. Aspire to inspire and feel free to share the article, playlist, and images. Here's to 2015! 

1. Every day people do every things, but I can't be one of them. I know you hear me now. We are a different kind. We can do anything. We could be heroes.  (Heroes -  Alesso ft. Tove Lo)

2. Nobodies perfect. I'll never try. but I'm promise I'm worth it, if you just open up your eyes. (How You Love Me - 3LAU) 

        Know your own worth! Don't let people knock you down. Know when to walk away from a toxic relationship whether it's a friend, family, significant other, or even a client. 

3.  One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.... These are the nights that never die. " (The Nights - Avicii)

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4.  When every hour could be the last. Why would we wait, why would we wait? And every road could be unsafe but we'll be okay, we'll make it, we'll make it. It's just who we are. Say where to go. And I know that I won't slow down. It's just who we are. And we will do anything we dream about. How about now? (Virus -  Martin Garrix)

      Who cares if it sounds cliche..Seize the moment! No matter what you may come across, you'll make it through. Keep fighting, keep working hard, keep enjoying and living life to the fullest.

5.  And if they knock us down like a wrecking ball, we'll get up and walk right through these walls. 'Cause we are, we are invincible. (Invincible - Borgeous)

     Ok, don't think you're really truly invincible. BUT, you are strong enough to get back up when you've been knocked down. Come back stronger than ever. Walk through those walls. 

6. Today we have the chance to feel again. To hear the sounds that brought us in. To laugh, to cry, to live again. (When We Were Young - Dillon Francis )

7. We will stand. All our hearts together, apart. (We Will Stand - The Runners)

      When you're feeling down about something, know that you're not alone. And when you feel alone, know there are people out there who have faced something or are currently facing something similar. We see proof of this in music. 

8.  I got a love that keeps on fighting, It keeps on. I got a heart that keeps on trying, It keeps on. People, Tell me what you gonna do. So keep on, Show me what you gonna choose.  Cause we can start a revolution. (Revolution - R3hab & Ummet Ozcan) 

   We all have our passions, values and beliefs. Follow your heart and stand up for what you believe in. We have the power to make a change if we stand up for what we believe in. Be courageous.