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YPCC is the Bee’s Knees, the Cat’s Pajamas, and All That Jazz

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By Anna Betsch

Ever heard of the Young Professionals Choral Collective based in OTR? You have? Yay!!!!You haven’t? Neither had I until I came upon one of their performances last summer in front of Music Hall. It was a STUPID hot day and the sun was blistering. I had just gotten a popsicle from the ice cream truck at Washington Park. I saw a group of (probably sweating) young people, wearing all black, gathering on the steps of Music Hall. Low and behold it was YPCC. They sounded great, and I risked a legitimate heat stroke in order to keep standing in the sun to listen. 

Next thing you know, I’m signed up for the Fall Cycle and nervously awaiting first rehearsal. But everyone was CRAZY welcoming. We went out to bars most nights after rehearsal... my favorite was when we hung at one of my regular watering holes, Neon’s. It was the perfect kind of night to be relaxing with new friends, on the patio, under the string lights, playing a giant game of Jenga. 

The music was challenging but beautiful, and we sounded wonderful by the time our first performance rolled around. Eventually, we had our final fall concert in Rhinegeist Brewery. SUCH A FUN ATMOSPHERE. There were tacos from Gomez Salsa (deliciousness) and of course brews from our lovely host (also deliciousness).

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45, love music and socializing, and want to do a bit more singing, I’d recommend YPCC. If you are ANY age, love music and socializing, and want to HEAR a bit more singing, I’d recommend a YPCC concert.And for anyone who is trying to be fancy this Valentine’s Day, look no further. The Young Professionals Choral Collective is putting a cinematic twist on their annual gala (ahem…not being called a gala because that word sounds stuffy. It makes it sound like something that the fancy guy from Wayne’s World would attend. Y’know, the fancy guy in the limo that blows off Wayne’s inquiry over whether the man possessed any Gray Poupon?).

Anyway, the event is being called “Cin & Tonic” as the theme this year is music from cinema. Performers and guests alike will wear black and white to match classic movies. And in case you haven’t caught on, all music performed will be from the wonderful world of …cinema! There will be drinks (duh) and a dessert bar! There’s nothing like stuffing your face with chocolate on Singles Awareness Day, amiright?! Just kidding, eating chocolate is awesome EVERY day. Come with friends, come alone, or bring your sweetheart and have a night of grand tunes after your date night dinner! The event will take place on February 14th at 8pm at Woodward Theater in OTR. For more information, or to find out about ticket purchasing, visit