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#NP Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice) - MATOMA

New MusicRebecca PotznerComment

When Tropical House first emerged, I jumped on the first wave and rode with it. Elevator music? Please! Let me know what elevators you're riding because I want on. In my search for more tropical tunes, I came across Matoma and his spin on tracks by icons like Biggie and Jay Z blew me away. Fast forward to Bonnaroo 2015 and I found myself grooving front stage at a silent disco where MATOMA was leading the night. I could barely pull myself away to check out other artists. Needless to say, Matoma is a crazy talented guy from Norway who will no doubt be a top contender in the EDM/Tropical space. Check out his track 'Feeling Right' featuring Popcaan and Wale.