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#NP New Beck + Coldplay Gets You Grooving

Rebecca PotznerComment

Ok, who lowered the disco ball out onto the dance floor? Disco days have been resurrected and we're loving it! Both Coldplay and Beck have recently released tracks that are too groovy for words. Although not too similar in sound, both Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime" and Beck's "Dreams" give off an upbeat vibe that just begs you to dance. 

Beck's "Dreams" comes in at a quicker pace than what we're used to hearing from him but it works. According to a radio interview he did, the song began with a heavy garage band sound but turned into a dance - hybrid track. Makes you curious as to how the rest of this upcoming album will sound. We're intrigued! 

Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime" automatically reels you in with the funky guitar riffs and tinkering of a bell. (More cowbell!!!?) GAME OVER. My dancing shoes are on!  It hurts me to think that this may be the last album we get from Coldplay, but such is life. We'll continue to basque in the beat of the music they've gifted us. 

You can listen to both songs below, but you're going to want to download them. Trust me.