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#PlayRPM - Tinder Love + Care

#PlayRPMRebecca PotznerComment

Ah, Tinder. What is it good for? For some, it's good for finding their new boo. For others, not so much. I became bored with it and decided to do something a little different. I changed my purpose for using the app from finding a date to finding new music. I asked around 30 matches for their favorite song at the moment and wah-lah! The Tinder Love + Care playlist was formed. I'll admit it's a bit random, but at the heart of it all, Tinder is quite random. Did I find my musical match? Eh, I don't know but it is a pretty good playlist! I found some new songs that I really like and enjoyed listening to songs that I've already discovered. Press play, log into Tinder and ask your matches what their favorite song is. Aren't you curious?