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#NP Machine Gun Kelly Releases 'Against The World'

New MusicRebecca PotznerComment

Ever since he showed up on my radar, Machine Gun Kelly has had me hooked. Being someone who doesn't focus too much on rap, I was impressed that he caught my attention and held it. On a long car ride, I listened to his mixtape over and over, finding myself truly connecting to his words.  His work never came off as a hyped up, glamourized "gangster" life, like many rap songs today do. There were real life stories of hardships, heartbreaks, good times and even inspiration. 

"But greatness is in the eye of the beholder. So, it starts with you. Believe in your own abilities the way you have believed in mine."

Today, Machine Gun Kelly released a new track entitled 'Against The World' which includes pieces of Sia's 'Breathe Me'. The track brings me instant chills. Rapping about his journey as an artist and referring to his fans, Machine Gun Kelly slows things down and speaks words of action like the quote you read above. The mid-tempo track is hard hitting with just the right amount of emotion mixed with Sia's work.