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7UP Reveals New Video featuring Tiesto and Martin Garrix at Miami Music Week

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Yesterday during Miami Music Week, 7UP revealed their new video starring  Martin Garrix and Grammy award winner, Tiesto. The 50 second video, which can be seen at the bottom of the page, teases a song the two artists collaborated entitled 'The Only Way is Up'.  

“7UP has gone above and beyond by bringing Tiësto and me together for this music collaboration, Tiësto is actually the reason why I became a DJ/Producer...The partnership with 7UP gave us the chance to put a lot of heart and creativity into this, and I’m excited to see how fans react to the music and creative spot,”  shared Martin Garrix. 

The collaboration doesn't stop there. At the MMW green carpet event, 7UP debuted three new limited edition 7UP cans showcasing designs by Tiësto and Martin Garrix. "The cans are a part of a sweepstakes where fans will have the chance to win an all-expenses paid VIP trip to meet one of the two iconic DJs and watch them play live."

“We were both humbled and blown away by the energy and love we received from the dance music community in 2014 and in our second year, we wanted to step things up even more and provide larger than life experiences to help fans live it UP for the 2015 festival season. As part of this, we’ve teamed up with two of the world’s top DJs to create truly unique experiences for fans that they couldn’t have previously imagined,” said Dave Falk, vice president of marketing for 7UP at Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Like Falk said, 7UP has really stepped things up and they've grasped onto the EDM scene, with good reason. From the rising popularity of the music genre to the lack of representation of soft drinks supporting this "Live it up" lifestyle, it was a smart move. You can't really picture Coca-Cola taking this route, now can you? And let's be honest, 7UP makes a fabulous mixer.  7UP's branding and social media efforts have been quite impressive and showcase that they truly understand the dance music community. Their brand leaves them an opportunity to blow this relationship out of the water and they're doing just that with presence at music related events and collaborations just like this. 

We have 7Up to thank for sponsoring the ULTRA live stream and now, new music from Tiesto and Martin Garrix. Their 7UP collaboration track will release on April 27th and the limited edition cans will be out soon after. We'll definitely be purchasing both! Check out the 7UP Team UP video featuring Tiesto and Garrix below. 

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