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#NP - Borgeous Releases "Ravers Anthem" - 'They Don't Know Us'

New MusicRebecca PotznerComment

Talk about the daily grind. LA Dj/Producer, Borgeous, has been busy releasing solid track after solid track. Not to mention all of the touring! Today, Borgeous released his newest work of art, 'They Don't Know Us' through Beatport and Billboard. Purchase it here

"When I went in the studio for this one I wanted to make a feel-good, happy song that was kind of a love song but also stood for something else at the same time. It's so awesome that the community of ravers and people who go to festivals are all calling this song the raver's anthem!" -Borgeous shared with Billboard. 

Borgeous truly captured a sense of love and something more with 'They Don't Know Us.' The "raver's anthem" brings back the unique feeling felt in the midst of the music at a festival or show. It is almost indescribable, yet Borgeous brings back those pure feelings of being yourself whether you're in love with a person or the moment. 

For those in Ohio, be sure to catch Borgeous at Prime Social Group's #FEST in Athens, Ohio on April 18th.