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#NP I Took A Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner

Rebecca PotznerComment

Last week, one of my favorite artists, Mike Posner, released a new song in what seems like forever. Following a few releases here and there, writing for artists like Maroon 5 and completing a mini acoustic tour, Posner released 'I Took A Pill in Ibiza'. The track showcases a truthful, advice giving storyline through Posner's smooth vocals layered over soft acoustics. 

Posner's sound has made quite the change compared to his older work like 'Cooler than me'. And while listeners may get upset and share that they miss "the old Posner", that's life. We change. We learn. We evolve. I may not make music, but I know that my taste in it has evolved just like I have myself. 'I Took A Pill in Ibiza' is the answer to all the questioning his fans have been doing as to where he's been lately. 

Posner shared the following with Huffington Post about the track....

"It’s not the job of the art to accommodate me and make me more money, make me more famous and get me more girls," he said. "I think I was in that mindset after 'Cooler Than Me' came out. I started getting some of those things, and I thought, ‘How about if I get more?’ I think for a period of time I did think art was there to serve me, but it took me a minute to reset."
Posner acknowledges his persona as a pseudo one-hit wonder in another wrenching line halfway through "Ibiza." "I'm just a singer who already blew his shot/ I get along with old timers 'cause my name's a reminder of a pop song people forgot." And that's actually how Posner viewed himself for a while.
"The irony of that line is that those lines have sort of earned me another shot, it seems," he said. "You’re putting this song on your big website and you’re interviewing me right now about it. If a song about blowing your shot becomes popular, that’s really funny."

All in all, I really enjoy the track and it's honesty. I look forward to seeing where Posner goes with his new found sound.