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#NP Bombshell - The Partysquad

Rebecca PotznerComment

[Press Release]

Many DJ's can become completely lost amid the sea of progressive house bangers that constantly flood media outlets and festival tents; in today’s convenient marketplace, countless „one hit wonder” names surface from the depths for a short-lived time and are never heard of in the scene again. Artists must continue the innovation of their unique sound in order to remain relevant across the years, and Dutch duo the Partysquad has managed to do just that. They originally experienced success with classic Dutch house tracks, but broke new ground by venturing into their current unique reggae-influenced music and successfully maintaining the Rebel Yard Music platform.

„Bombshell”, with outstanding vocals from Maikal X, is the latest track from Ruben Fernhout and Jerry Leembruggen to be released on their very own Rebel Yard Music record label, and it is as catchy as ever. Incorporating reggae vibes and heavy instrumentals, „Bombshell” lives up to its name with a strong opening of grandiose trumpets and vocals chanting „You want a riot, don’t be quiet; turn it up in here” to ramp up the pressure. Ominous and goose bump-inducing drums take over with the drop, which calls to mind images of intense overtime sports matches and their ensuing celebrations. This fiery tune is fitting for any super-charged and high stakes situation - just be mindful of your blood pressure, listeners!