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#DrinkingWithStrangers and Seven Lions

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Ah, the tour life. It seems pretty glamorous doesn't it? Visiting a different state or a different country. Trying new foods. Exploring the land.

As outsiders, this is how we view tour life but talk to an artist and they'll most likely give you a different description. In reality it ends up being more like "travel, sleep/eat, perform, repeat." Many times, the artist doesn't get to explore the city they're in at all.

Well, DJ/producer, Seven Lions wasn't quite content with that approach. Why go through the motions when with a little effort you can enjoy the location you're in and connect with your fans.

Drinking with Strangers. It's brilliant really. As a craft beer enthusiast, Seven Lions visits a place at each tour stop to sample beer. The best part? He chooses a handful of fans to grab a brew or two with him. On his current tour, I was lucky enough to receive an invite to drinking with strangers when he stopped in Cincinnati.

Rolling into Rhinegeist, the chosen fans and their guests met Seven Lions at the Bar. With a friendly greeting, he introduced himself and his wife/tour manager then proceeded to not only gift us special Drinking With Strangers pint glasses, but bought our first round! 

A little surprisingly, it wasn't one of those awkward fan crazy moments. It was as if we were all friends getting together to catch up on lost time. We chatted about typical things and some more interesting topics. From music festivals and their set ups to computers and hard drives, to craft beer in America versus Europe. It was a fun and humbling time for all parties involved. A pint of beer I will never forget. 

We capped the night off with one of the best sets Mynt Cincinnati has seen to date. 

That hair flip though. @sevenlionsmusic #cincyedm #sevenlions #edm #hairflip #strangers

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Want to drink a beer with Seven Lions? Follow him on social media and look out for the the contest announcements. Good luck!