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Ambush Interview with Motherfolk at Bunbury Music Festival

Rebecca PotznerComment
Photo from Motherfolk's Facebook 

Photo from Motherfolk's Facebook 

This past weekend, Bunbury Music Festival returned to downtown Cincinnati for it's fourth year. While wandering around the park on the second day, I stumbled across local band, Motherfolk, meeting with fans. So, like any other person would do I took advantage of the moment and ambushed them with a mini interview. Here's how it went down... 

RP: Ok, instead of autographs I'm going to ask you three questions...

MOTHERFOLK: "Three questions only!" 


Q1. If you could choose one song to represent your brand, what would it be?

MOTHERFOLK: "Hiccups." (That's one of their tracks and you can listen to it here.)

"Trust the Midas touch...We're ALWAYS singing trust "Trust the Midas Touch!" 

"Vindicated...Vindicated! By Dashboard Confessional


Q2. How do you take your coffee?

MOTHERFOLK: "We're very divided."

"I like my coffee very dark with no cream." 

"Mines the opposite, you have to load it with everything!"

"Mine is Irish."

"I put coffee in my creamer." 


Q3. What's your advice for those working towards their dream career?

MOTHERFOLK: "There's no hope!  Noo, I would say if you're trying to be in a band, you know, don't because you're probably going to be better than us and you're just going to take all that glory away from us. But in all seriousness, keep going, keep at it. Keep on Keepin' on!"

"Be prepared to be broke but it's definitely worth it."