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12 Artists Weigh in on Music Trends for 2015

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Music Trends...

Hate em or love em, they're always going to be there. And no, they don't only refer to fashion. Defined as a "general course" or  "to veer in a new direction," trends shine a bright spotlight on what's popular and they tend to change almost yearly, if not more. One genre of music might take off more than another or maybe it's the intertwining of two genres. Back in 2013, Thump had predicted that Skrillex would bring Dubstep back, brands would start incorporating EDM, and there would be more focus on DIY parties. Some trend predictions came to fruition, while others just didn't hit the mark.

Two months into the new year, we've been able to get a feel for trends in electronic music that have started to arise or are on the horizon. So, what do the people at the forefront of it all have to say about trends in the new year? We spoke with 12 artists to find out...




"We're loving the throwback 90's dance tunes that have been refreshed and are being played in people's sets like "Higher State Of Dada" by Dadalife for example. It makes us remember how many great timeless records there are out there. We are currently working on a NERVO remix of "The Drill" which will be a challenge because the original was so great but equally exciting to bring it back to our sets."



"Finding more interesting ways to perform electronic music beyond the DJ decks whether that's through midi or live instrumentation, or in our case, a marimba!"

- Autograf




"In 2015, we will see a merge of popularity between genres in dance music. Big Room will stay big for its effectiveness in the club, deeper & groovier sounds are becoming more and more popular, melodic sounds seem to be making a comeback. 2015 is about musicality, and how producers add a sense of uniqueness to existing forms of dance music."

- 3LAU



"I don't know if it is so much a trend as much of a shift, but I feel a conscious move towards more musicality and stronger songs being at the core of a lot of new music I am hearing released. I think this will be even more the case as 2015 rolls on with audiences becoming a lot more discerning with what they listen to. I feel like this is a really positive and inspiring shift."

- Emma Hewitt


"Everyone adding the word future to existing genres... Its going to be awesome!”

- Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers


"I don't necessarily have a prediction on a new trend, but I do expect the summer to bring more EDM anthems that do well commercially and for us to hear more deep sounds in commercial music as well. I think deep house is here to stay and I love what I'm seeing with Jackn House."

- J'Adore

"I think a trend we are gonna see is more albums. I think fans want bodies of work now and that's what they are gonna get in 2015!"



"Im hoping its more music from the soul, more music with feeling and less noise but I do see the Future House/ Deep House sound going big from what it looks like"

- Henrix

"In terms of Trap, I think people are going to start getting bored of the more obvious, big room sounding tracks and start to delve a little deeper into the sound. There’s big things ahead for producers like Troyboi, Massappeals and guys like TDY & Quix. Outside of trap though I think more people are going start getting influenced by the Jersey Club scene which feels like it’s really spreading globally at the moment. In the UK, i’m super excited to see grime coming back to its roots with new MCs like Novelist and OGs like Skepta creating records which have the same energy levels as the grime I obsessed over when I was younger. It’s so hard to cut through the noise these days but there’s still plenty of people, probably more than ever, doing really exciting things. I’m excited for music in 2015."

- All Trap Music (Founder Jim Kirk aka JiKay)

"We believe that the indie music will still gain much ground. We should see more and more vocal rhythms of pitches in all styles of music. Without claiming to have innate knowledge, we believe that the tropical genus should begin slowed down, little by little. While freshness and happy side of this style should still offer us beautiful masterpiece. The style and genre mix should remain the trend this year and we believe that 2015 should be a good year for the dancefloors around the world!"

- Diezeo

"There are two trends I see in music. First is the sound itself... We are coming into an era of deeper, more vibey sounds... Music History wise if you look at the jump from late 60's psych music to 70's disco…

Late 80s synth pop to 90s grunge... Polar opposite. So I think culturally we are switching right now from the "grunge" electro house/Dubstep/trap era to sounds that are a bit deeper/soulful. 2nd trend visually

the way music is experienced I think larger stages/FX more visuals and new technologies like the hololens or SubPac will find their way into the live music experience.”

- Whiiite

"I'm not sure if this would be considered a "musical" trend but I do feel like 2015 is the year that people who listen to music will have more of an open ear and are down to discover what other sounds are out there in the genre of electronic besides mainstream "EDM""

-Audrey Napolean

“Country trip hop hop with a warm gooey center with a dash of polka for good measure...wait did i just describe Pretty Lights”

- Total Fitness

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