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6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Lollapalooza

Rebecca PotznerComment
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Happy Lollapalooza! As herds of people prepare to enter the festival grounds smack dab in downtown Chicago, I wanted to share a few tips that I learned from attending Lollapalooza for the first time last year. First time? Yeah, I was late to the festival game. While you may be a festival connoisseur, they aren't all the same. Especially when one is in the city and another is in the middle of nowhere. So, as you prepare for a killer weekend of music I hope you'll take these tips to ensure positive vibes all around. 


1. Map it out

Like any festival, there are a lot of acts to catch in one day and even in the same time frame. To make sure you don't miss your favorite artists take the time to look at the schedule and kind of map out your day. I always like to circle the acts I want to see then I'll periodically check to see who I want to see next and where I need to go. 

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2. It's ok to wine. Actually, it's better to

f you decide to drink during your time at Lolla, the wine bottle is the way to go. Yes, that's right, I said bottle. While I love my beer, can after can tends to add up. Last year, Thorny Rose wines sold their liquid gold in full water bottles branded to their company and Lolla. So, not only did you get a ton of alcohol but you got a useful souvenir too!

3. Indulge

Believe it or not, music festivals tend to have delicious food. Even though you may not want to spend the money, it's 100% worth it. 1) You need to give your body some fuel to get throughout the day in the hot sun. 2) Chicago style pizza. Need I say more?

4. Walk the moon...and the Lolla grounds

Go watch Walk The Moon's set. Do it. Dance your booty off for me. But seriously, take some time to walk the festival grounds. There is a lot going on beyond the set stages. You'll find booths to shop at, hammocks to relax in, photo booths, smaller stages, giveaways and so much more. Every year, free Lollapalooza bandanas are given out. Like, people collect these things. Get in line and get one! 

5. Get your priorities straight

I love festivals, don't get me wrong. However, it's always frustrating to see some of your favorite artists set times overlapping especially when their stages are on complete opposite ends. Last year, I told myself that I WOULD see both Calvin Harris and Outkast. No one could stop me. Except, oh I don't know, the insane crowds and the mile walk between their stages. My best advice is to set your artist priorities. Who is your absolute favorite? Who have or haven't seen? Will you have the chance to see them ever again? Then, try to narrow it down to one set. But, if you're feeling ambitious like myself, stay a little for each. And by a little , I mean less than half of the set...that walk along fest grounds takes longer than you think. 

6. Park it

Unlike many of the larger festivals, Lolla is in the middle of downtown. If you live in a city like Cincinnati, you'll quickly realize how great you have it when it comes to getting around and parking. Don't waste your time driving around finding the best parking deal. You're not going to find anything cheap unless you park miles away. Trust me, I spent at least a good 45 minutes doing this. Your best bet is to find a parking lot that looks safe. We found one just two blocks away from the Lolla entrance that didn't have cars crammed in and was $20 a day. Once you park, leave it there! Uber and Lyft will help get you around town.