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Halloween 2016: Your Playlist

#PlayRPMGaby PeytonComment

Halloween is definitely one of the best holidays - it's undeniable. October hits and suddenly the world is in full Halloween mode and it becomes "fun" to freak yourself out with wacky and weirdly eerie decorations, a good horror film and some spooky-themed treats. We spend excessive amounts of time planning the perfect costumes and debating Halloween plans to find ourselves traveling to various destinations to catch our favorite artists and their bone-chilling sets. Yeah, Halloween rocks. 

In addition to ALL of the above-mentioned reasons for why Halloween is the best, we can also add our Halloween playlist to the list. A compilation of artists and tracks across the electronic spectrum, it's impossible not to get in the Halloween spirit with this #PlayRPM, so grab your headphones and get fweaky with this Halloween themed playlist!