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Coffee Sippin Tunes [PLAYLIST]

#PlayRPMLaura HahnComment
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The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air as you walk through the door of your favorite coffee shop. You see bundles of students hunched over the laptops, working on their next research paper, business people rushing in to grab their regular order before heading to work, and baristas working like little bees, mastering their latte art or the perfect Americano. You grab your order when they call your name, and feel the heat of the mug fill you with warmth from the inside out. You find an empty seat on your favorite couch in the corner, pull out your laptop or favorite book, and take that first sip. The perfect combination of bitter and sweet saturates every tastebud. Coffee shops have a way of fulfilling all of our senses; smell, sight, touch, taste... now let us help you out with the sounds.