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#NowPlaying - Downlow'd Releases Remix of Jack Ü’s To Ü

Laura HahnComment

On November 1st, Downlow’d released his newest remix of Jack Ü’s “To Ü” feat. AlunaGeorge.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, the 24 year old self proclaimed “computerhead” has been taking the EDM industry by storm, gaining recognition and musical accolades from legends like Steve Aoki, Mumbai Science, Run DMT, and more. Last month, he released an upbeat remix of Flume’s “Never Be Like You”, and was praised for his musical talents by Flume himself.

Downlow’d’s remix of “To Ü” has a very ethereal feel to it, especially in the opening chords of the song. It's significantly slower than the original track, with an audible snapping in the background that makes the listener want to close their eyes, bob their head, and sway their hips to the mesmerizing and captivating rhythm.

During the pre-chorus, the song starts to speed up a little bit, with Downlow’d throwing in an upbeat kick drum to add some body to the music. The first drop was beautifully done, and transitioned seamlessly from the first half of the song. Following the first drop, Downlow’d loops back to the pre-chorus, repeating it twice before releasing the second drop.

You can always tell that a producer has true talent when they are willing to take risks and try something unexpected. Downlow’d definitely accomplished this by adding some trumpet audio to the second drop. It adds a jazzy and funky vibe that one wouldn’t normally expect from an EDM artist, but it works. It definitely works.

Overall, the song had a very future-house feel to it. It respected and kept the integrity of the original release by Jack Ü, which is what a good remix should strive to do, while still successfully transforming the song into a hypnotic, groovy anthem that makes you want to dance like nobody's watching.

Check out the song below, and tell us what you think. And make sure to follow Downlow’d on his social media platforms to stay in the loop for any future releases.


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