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#NowPlaying Pretty When U - Cry Mielo X Ieuan

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Have you ever listened to a song where the first time you hear it, you’re completely captivated by every part of it? Where the lyrics resonate with a part of your soul you didn’t know exist, and the beat takes over your mind and body entirely? If you haven’t experienced that, I’m sorry. But listen to Mielo’s newest track, Pretty When U Cry, and you just might get to experience that amazing. feeling


The song begins with a voicemail being left by a female vocalist, apologizing about the way things ended poorly. The melodic piano backing and beautifully emotional lyrics, with vocals provided by Ieuan, reveal the true underlying meaning of the song; a song about love, heartbreak, and regret. It builds up to the first drop, filled with electric synths and rhythmic future bass sounds. With the speed quickening up after the chorus, listeners can’t help but sway their bodies and bob their head to the hypnotic and mesmerizing beat.


Chicago native Mielo, who gained widespread popularity in the EDM community after releasing his redux of Porter Robinson’s “Say My Name” earlier this year, is really starting to embrace his unique and compelling sound as a producer, and we’re loving it. He is truly cutting the ties that restrain him to the “future bass” genre with his pulsating and enchanting releases, and if his future releases are even remotely similar to the success he’s seen with Pretty When U Cry, then we can’t wait to see what his music holds for us as loyal listeners in the future.

Take a listen to Pretty When U Cry here: 


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