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#NowPlaying After All - SLANDER & YOOKiE (feat. Jinzo)

Laura HahnComment

Feeling trapped? No, not that kind of trapped where you feel like you can’t escape life as you know it, they kind of trap with a filthy, heavy-bass filled, unique sound that only EDM duo SLANDER can create, alongside collaborators YOOKiE and JINZO. That’s what we’re talking about. And what a better example of trap than their newest release, “After All”, released by Never Say Die Records at the end of October.

The song opens with hauntingly beautiful and emotional vocals provided by JINZO, accompanied by perfectly placed piano riffs that compliment the lyrics perfectly. While the track starts off simple and light, it escalates quickly, building up to the first bass drop, where it reveals it’s true identity as a bass-filled work of art, and the perfect dubstep/trapstyle hybrid soundtrack, ideal for bass heads and headbangers to let loose with reckless abandonment.

SLANDER and YOOKiE break down the restrictive barriers surrounding their usual musical styles, and combine their distinctive sounds on this track, proving once again that genre-bending can create an amazing song that EDM lovers of all types can enjoy. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll collaborate again in the (hopefully) near future. Listen to “After All” here...

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