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#NowPlaying -- Acoustic Hour with Stonefeather

Alt Rock, #PlayRPMSamantha KalanyComment

Stonefeather is collection of three guys who give off a very rock vibe with garage band aesthetics and influences from Jimi Hendrix, Blink 182, The Black Keys, and Sublime. They got their start in April 2008 and you can find their various EP’s, albums and tracks on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and iTunes!

The LA based Alt Rock band is taking a turn for the acoustic life and we should see an album release from the group in the next couple of months. Currently, the group has uploaded singles, “Castle” and “Love you Anyway” which are to be featured on their upcoming acoustic album titled “Feather.”

“Castle” features two other powerful female vocals, Camille and Carmen, who scream their woes and their “woahs” throughout the song, which allowed me to really feel what they are projecting my way. I could feel every emotion that was hurled at me during those five minutes.

Jumping over to instrumentals, the use of slide guitar played a large role in this song and adds a folk-rock feel to the upcoming acoustic album. There’s just something about the metallically twanged sound that is so mesmerizing and addicting about the song, from the vocal ranges to the differing instruments, this is definitely one for my driving playlist.

On a softer spectrum, there is Stonefeather’s second single, “Love you Anyway,” which features subtle guitar usage, light drumming, and loud vocals to help set the scene for the love story being told in the song. This is definitely one for the coffee shop playlist of mine.

One thing that resonates between both acoustic songs and the band as a whole is the powerful vocals, which they use to their advantage. I can feel every emotion rippling through the airwaves in both of these installments and I’m really excited to see what the rest of the album will look like!


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