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Filthy Friday Vol. 11

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December is upon us and with that -- the busy holiday season. For my hard-working professionals, you have year-end madness and frantic holiday shoppers to handle and for my students, the impending doom of finals. It can be a lot to handle and the stress can be crippling.... and that's why we thank the bass gods for dubstep. I mean really, what better way to escape than to some heavy, gritty, mind-blowing bass? 

Check out this week's Filthy Friday playlist featuring Datsik, 12th Planet, LUMBERJVCK, Blaqout + more! 


Filthy Friday Volume 11 Tracklist: 

Datsik - Just Saiyan' 

12th Planet, Virtual Riot, Twine - Gully Squad

Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Goon Street VIP

Hizer x MCVC - Turbulence

Trampa - Runners

12th Planet & LUMBERJVCK - Stank Gum

Detrace - Overload

Datsik - Sensei

Extra Terra - French Hop VIP

AstralOnE - They Will Die 

Pierce - Electrocution

Skrillex (Feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley) - Make It Bun Dem [Blaqout Remix]

Datsik - Scum [jPhelpz Remix]

D-Jahsta - Two Steps From Hell 

Dr. Ozi - Gun Powder