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Breathe Carolin Releases Mesmerizing New Track with IZII

Robb ClarkComment
I’m finding it hard enough to let go/and now I’m surrounded by your echo.

Breathe Carolina and producer IZII have teamed up for a mesmerizing track titled “Echo (Let Go)”. The song depicts the emotional and mental process of letting go of “the one that got away”.  “Echo (Let Go)” follows up the stand out release of the “Sleepless” EP from Warped Tour veterans Breathe Carolina this past fall. With its catchy hook and laid back vibes, “Echo (Let Go)” will find a way into your head to keep you humming along all day.

“Echo (Let Go)” begins with a bass line and piano melody that really draws the listener in to what will happen next (this sense of “hanging on the edge” is theme throughout the structure of the song). The Odesza-esque vocals really resonate with the  listener’s mind leading up to the first instrumental break. What’s cool about this breakdown is the high-pitched electronic voice. The melody mirrors the word “echo” from the main hook in the chorus. This mirroring effect is a technique used by Breathe Carolina in some of their previous releases. Any other Warped Tour kids remember the screams in the chorus of the song “Edge of Heaven”?

The song then reaches the bridge, my personal favorite part. The female vocals long for the heartbreak throughout this entire section, really pulling on the listener’s heartstrings. “ You’re like heart break stuck on repeat/like scratches on a CD”. I personally love this line of lyrics in the song. The words have a way of resonating with you, while playing with similar lyrical styles from releases throughout Breathe Carolina’s successful career.

“Echo (Let Go)” is another stand release from Breathe Carolina’s extensive catalog, and will find it’s way into playlists for months to come.

Breathe Carolina first formed in 2006. Upon gathering popularity, the electronic rock band became mainstays on the Vans Warped Tour with releases in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013. The band received mainstream success with the hit song “Blackout”, which to a major growth in popularity and change for a more electronic influenced musical style.

IZII is new producer who has worked acts such as DVBBS and Adventure Club. The future is bright for IZII, as “Echo (Let Go)” is the producer’s first major release. If future releases are anything like “Echo (Let Go)”, IZII will soon become a household name.


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