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Vibing with The 1975 and My First VNYL Box

ReviewRebecca PotznerComment

Vinyl has made it’s return and I’ve been basking in all of it’s glory. After finally obtaining my very own record player, I became more aware of vinyl happenings one of them being, VNYL. VNYL is a super rad vinyl subscription service. I like to say it’s the Birchbox of records. But here’s how they like to explain themselves:  “An exclusive membership club that personally curates new vinyl records unique to every person in the service based on their unique music tastes.”

I chose the Trio subscription which is three vinyls a month for $39. $39? That’s a freaking deal! I chose this one because I wanted to receive more than just one record in my boxes and I like knowing I have something to look forward to monthly in snail mail. For my very first VNYL box, I chose #The1975 Vibe. So, I knew that I would receive their new album but the other two records would be a complete surprise. The anticipation for it’s arrival was all too real.

A perk about being a member of VNYL is that you have access to their store which offers VNYL merch and discounts on records and even a few record players. I couldn’t resist and added a notebook and slipmat. I’m going for the pencils next! But enough of that, let’s get into the breakdown of my VNYL box….


The 1975, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - First of all, I sure hope The 1975 broke a world record with that album title. Although long, it is so...beautiful. There are some artists where you just KNOW they’ll sound even heaven-lier on vinyl and The 1975 is one of those artists for me. You can see below how clean the album art is. I love the pink neon light against the white. Now, something I was really excited about is that this double album is a clear (almost pink tinted) vinyl. It’s not white, it’s clear. Truly stunning.

Although some have said The 1975 veered off into a bit of a new direction with this one, I found myself thinking some of the songs were very reminiscent of those on their self-titled debut album, The 1975. To me, they still have that vibe we came to know and love. I do think that this album is a bit more calming than the last but it offers a good mix with upbeat, make you want to dance tracks like ‘Love Me’. Overall, VERY happy with this vibe choice.



High Lucia, Wash -  Sam really nailed it with this one. In his note he writes, “ I’ve got a really nice produced melodic electronica EP by High Lucia that should appeal to the Odesza fan in ya.” High Lucia’s EP, WASH, completely plays into my love for Odesza. Very chill yet perfectly layered.


Dot Hacker, How’s Your Process?- I like to refer to this one as the bedazzled snail. Reigning from Los Angeles California, Dot Hacker offers an experimental american rock sound. With the first two records having such a chill vibe, Dot Hacker’s sound first took me surprise but as I slipped deeper into ‘Hows Your Process’, I really enjoyed it’s uniqueness.


If you’re interested in trying VNYL out for yourself comment or send me your email address and I’ll be more than happy to send you an invite. I’ve just submitted my next vibe for April and I chose #SundayFunday! Can’t wait to pour some mimosas and unbox my next VNYL!