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Breakin' it Down with Lady Bee [INTERVIEW]

InterviewRebecca PotznerComment

“Sweet like chocolate but murdering dem on the beats” 
With 10 years under her belt as an MC, Bianca Latupapua aka Lady Bee finally decided it was her turn to provide the soundtrack for everyone that wants to get lost in the music and dance. The Amsterdam native’s love for DJ’ing sprouted in 2002 and soon she bought her own turntables. Since then, Lady Bee hasn’t looked back with releases now on Mad Decent, Mixmash, Spinnin’ Records and Dim Mak. 

After coming across Lady Bee’s release of ‘Sum Like That’, I had to hear more. Sure enough, every one of her track’s was a force to be reckoned with. Blown away by her talent and personality as witnessed through snapchat, I caught up with Lady Bee to talk touring, Diplo and Friends, what’s next and more… 

How was touring in Asia? What was your most memorable moment? 
LB: Touring in Asia was a lot of fun. It made it even more special because it was my first tour there, and my parents are from Indonesia so it felt like home.  My most memorable moment was my show in Jakarta Club, Blowfish. I could play a lot of my own productions, so that was awesome. 

What is one thing you have to have while on tour? 
LB: My SD Card!
Your Diplo and Friends mix was killer! Would you say that mix directly reflects your sound?      LB: HELL YES! That mix is exactly the Bee sound and what you can expect if I really can do my own thang. 

How would you describe your sound? 
LB: Heavy bass-lines with a lot of sexiness. 

What inspired you to become a dJ/producer? 
LB:  The 10 years I spent working in clubs. I really wanted to make my own music and play my own sounds, just so i could hear my own music instead of others haha

What are you currently listening to?
LB:  I’m a huge fan of the UK Sounds but also Diplo and Major Lazer. 

Who did you listen to growing up? 
LB: I grew up with a lot of 2step, so everything from the UK - Artdful Dodger, DJ Luck and MC Neat, but also drum and bass. 

Who was your first concert/show?
LB:  That was KRS ONE in the milky way, Amsterdam. 

If you weren’t pursuing a career as a DJ/producer, what would you be doing? 
LB: I went to school to be a flight attendant, haha! But I think if I stop doing what I do now, I would def be in the music game but behind the scenes. 

What's your guilty pleasure song?
LB:  George Michael’s wake me up 

What's on your recently played list? 
LB: On my Spotify playlist that I listen to on the road it's Mura Masa - Firefly, but to play in the clubs, it’s all new Lady Bee songs. :)

How do you discover new music?
LB:  I follow a lot of blogs and hypem. That's def one of the best sites to discover new music. 

What can we expect from you this year?
LB: A collab with TWRK, and a big Lady Bee EP coming out later this year. 

According to Facebook, her EP will release soon. Keep up with Lady Bee through Facebook, Twitter and of course, Soundcloud