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Phil Collins basically invented 2016 [PLAYLIST]

#PlayRPMRebecca PotznerComment

During your usual peruse around the interwebs, you may have scrolled upon the above image. This photo of a young and very attractive Phil Collins has resurfaced and has caught a lot of attention due to the similarities of todays trends. Could Phil Collins see the future? Are all these men secretly huge Phil Collins fans? Is history just repeating itself? I'll let you answer those questions.... Why this photo has randomly resurfaced is unsure but we can assume that it may be in connection to Collins' recent recreations of his 6 solo albums.  Regardless, this photo could not have gone viral at the most opportune time. 

To celebrate the young and hip Phil Collins, I've put together a playlist of my favorite Collins tracks with a few songs from 76' when the photo was taken. No matter the year, Phil Collins' music stands the test of time.