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Fear and Clothing in Randall’s Island: Governors Ball

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photo from The Governors Ball Music Festival Facebook page

photo from The Governors Ball Music Festival Facebook page

My first real concert festival was Bamboozle in May of 2008...or maybe 2009. My token wardrobe was fitted band tees and hot pink denim booty shorts (shut up) while others rocked eyeliner wings so large, I thought they would fly away.

In just a few short weeks I will be attending Governors Ball in New York. Sure, I have been to hundreds of concerts since then, but this is a ~festival~ where people wear so many tassels Cousin It would mistake it for a family reunion. Now, I have some real concerns for what I’m about to see, but also about a thousand things I’m excited for. Here is a list of both.


Concern: I’m “too old for this shit.”

What if my body falls apart at the seams and gray hairs sprout then my bones become jelly, like Harry Potter’s arm after a faulty faculty member gives it improper care? At 23 you’re in a weird place, as if you’re not old or young, but still pretty young, yet waking up at 9 and staying up until midnight seems like a hassle. Overall, I just want to be able to drive from NYC to VT that following Monday as a moderately functioning human.


Excited: THE BANDS

All the bands I have dreamed of seeing will be there and I WILL be fan-girling extra hard. My screaming will be heard from the Boroughs all the way to Boston. Two Door Cinema Club, Matt & Kim, Years & Years, HAIM, OH MAN I could go on forever. Yes, this completely diminishes my “too old for this shit” fear, but I’m all about balance.


    Concern: Apparel

My cousin was featured in PopSugar last year for Govs Ball because her outfit was fire (before that was a thing), and my sister speaks fashion fluently, always looking too fabulous to be related to me. Unfortunately, I did not get this trendy sixth sense my relatives are blessed with. How comfortable should I be? Is there an unspoken price limit for what clothes you bring? Could I wear this if nip-slips only count if you’re a celebrity? I wonder if my pink neon shorts still fit (haaaa)....


    Excited: Noms on Noms

The only thing sexier than the lineup of bands is the food. Like Governor’s Ball and Infatuation created the Avengers of the NYC food world in order to save the lives of hungry festival goers. I am by no means a foodie but if I leave without eating a sushi burrito or anything (I mean everything) from Milk, I will perish in my regret.


    Concern: Travel

Vermont to Connecticut, Connecticut to NYC, the City to Brooklyn, and back and forth from the island. Govs Ball make it super easy to coordinate shuttles and ferries, but the in-between makes me iffy. Luckily I have someone who knows how to maneuver the city, as well as someone who takes no shit from people cutting in lines, and other generic commuting douche baggery.

Okay, as I look back on this list, there is far too much exciting stuff to look forward to seeing. If you have any advice, reach out on Twitter @cereags or comment below! Oh, and listen to the playlist I put together. :)