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Introducing the Professional Concert Go-er Series

PROCOGORebecca PotznerComment

Music feeds our soul and narrates our every day. Certain songs cover our bodies in goosebumps and live performances bring tears to our eyes. We live for show announcements, get anxious when festivals are around the corner and experience the blues days after. We are Professional Concert Go-ers

Originally, I started the hashtag #PROCOGO to document my personal musical adventures. While this was all fine and dandy, I realized this wasn’t about me, this was much bigger than me. Music reminds us that we’re not alone. It builds community. For me, it’s what has made music so magical. This is about the community; for all of us who live for the music and can’t live without the feeling of experiencing it live.

So, I've decided to open up #PROCOGO to the masses! Yep, that’s right I want YOU to join in on the adventure. Share that photo you grabbed before you put away your phone to belt out your favorite song. Post your favorite concert or music festival memory. Showcase that killer shot you got while you were in the photo pit. Post to the beat of your own music or follow along with our weekly Wednesday prompt. Check @Beckuhbeck + @twistrpm on Instagram each Wednesday to join in on the action. 

On the blog, the #PROCOGO series will share the stories and adventures of many as they attend concerts and festivals all around the world for both work and pleasure. Get excited for photographer showcases, first time experiences and a new way to discover music.

Become a Professional Concert Go-er by simply tagging your photos with the hashtag. Want to take the extra step and become a PROCOGO VIP to be featured on the blog + take over our social accounts during shows? Fill out the form and let’s chat!