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#NowPlaying One In A Million - Midnight to Monaco

Rebecca PotznerComment

Have you ever put on a playlist and became distracted with your work only until that one song hits you. You perk up. Your shoulders start to sway, your head starts bobbing. And you think, Oooh! Who is this? That's how i discovered Midnight to Monaco. A duo comprised of LA-based producer, Donnie Sloan and Canadian singer, Ricky Ducati. They're bit of a mystery. From what I've gathered is that 1) They're very talented. 2) They can get me to dance. 3)They look like they're a part of the T-Birds and I'd love to roll around in a convertible with the top down sometime. 

Midnight to Monaco's debut track 'Suicide' is funky and fun but 'One In A Million' truly takes things to another level. The track has this 80's new wave feel that leaves you craving for more. So, you listen to it on repeat. All day long. At least, that's what I did. Judge me.