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#NowPlaying Damn - Y2K + Lil Aaron (Cormac Remix)

Rebecca PotznerComment

There's never been a better time to work towards creating a lasting impression on the music industry and 21 year old DJ/Producer, Cormac, is doing everything in his power to do just that. With a few pieces to back him up, Cormac just released his remix of Y2K and Lil Aaron's 'Damn' adding his own House feel to the trap track. 

I am so proud to finally release this remix for you guys! I have to commend Y2K and Lil Aaron for this original tune because there hasn’t been a hip hop song that has resonated so deeply with me in a long time. I chose to completely re-work everything from the 808 groove to the massive future house style drop.
— Cormac

Kicking in with a strong 808, the remix takes a groovy turn with a sweet electronic keyboard melody. Give it a listen for yourself below. Oh, AND Cormac has some sweet stuff in the works with our guys, Overy Eazy. So, stay tuned! 

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