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Ansolo & Maxum Team Up for "Yin Yang" On DOORN Records

Erin PierceComment

Young artists have been making big names for themselves in music in the last several years, specifically budding DJs, producers, and EDM stars. Ansolo and Maxum are doing just that.

At the young ages of 21 and 18 respectively, Ansolo and Maxum only met in 2015 at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami but instantly clicked, beginning one of the most promising partnerships to date. Their first hit Yin Yang is about to break big in clubs across the country as Spinnin’ Records takes on the release of two up and coming stars.

Ansolo, better known as Ansel Elgort from your favorite sappy love movie The Fault in Our Stars and the action-packed series Divergent has not only hit the big screen in the last several years as one of Hollywood’s growing household names, but he has also begun spinning a second career for himself (literally) by dabbing into production/DJing. Nick Henriques, or Maxum, is also beginning his career in the dance music scene. Using a thoughtful combination of old school rhythm and progressive beats, the Canadian has already made debut appearances including Guvernment Nightclub, Digital Dreams Festival, and more.

Yin Yang is a very impressive debut for the two growing stars. The only thing I will personally reveal about the beat is that my excitement/anxiety/energy level leading up to the drop skyrocketed. The amount of energy that the beats leading to the drop releases is INSANE. It’s raw. It’s edgy. It will make you want to hit the dance floor in an instant.

Do yourself a favor. Head on over to Soundcloud and check out the track. You won’t regret it, promise. (And if you do, just watch for more from this dynamic duo later this year. You’ll thank me.)