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Olin Batista with "Amazon 63": Funky, old-school vibe gets revamped

Erin PierceComment

Formerly smashing download records with Sosumi Records and now revisiting old favorites with Flamingo Recordings, Brazilian producer Olin Batista never fails to disappoint an audience with his familial charm, appreciative tributes, and high-ball moods filled with energy.

20 year old Batista’s latest release Amazon 63 is named after the boat his father sailed to win a championship over two decades ago, once again showing his intense love of family (as also displayed in his debut Luma about his mother). 

In a very different fashion than what he composed with Luma, Olim hones in on a sort of sophistication and poise with Amazon 63 that reminds us of a French-house vibe. Using pre-recorded portions of the actual track from the Superboat World Championship, Amazon 63 immortalizes his father and his successes. With a Latin tune and club beat, progressive beats and motion, and build, this track is full of surprising energy. It definitely has an old-school vibe that I can appreciate in a millennial artist!

Olin Batista’s new track Amazon 63 is now available for purchase here. Head over to SoundCloud and give Luma and Amazon 63 a listen!