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Bobby Puma Remixes Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s "This is What You Came For"

New MusicErin PierceComment

San Francisco DJ and producer Bobby Puma has done it again with another big name remix.

If you don’t know who Bobby Puma is, let us help you out: new to the EDM club this year, Puma dove right in with top hits “Deeper Than Love” and “Making Me Dizzy” with Tiesto. His producing range is unmatchable, varying from a progressive build/club beat to the hard-hitting rhythms found in “Making Me Dizzy.” 

His versatility in the DJing business as well as with the EDM scene has set him apart from the rest, as he builds a name and a career for himself by creating fresh, innovative, and energetic music. 

The build in Puma’s remix of “This is What You Came For” is incredible from the start. At peak, it drops into an intense club-style, electro synth that wows. This summertime superstar hit engages all the feels and hits the beat in all the right places. Check it out for yourself below!

This is only the beginning for Puma this year, as he has proven himself a rising talent among DJs in the Bay Area and beyond. Look for great things to come from Puma later this year!