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Protocol Releases Remix Package of Picasso’s Final Call (2016)

New MusicErin PierceComment

Let the new era of Picasso commence (this time with a twist). Meet Florian Picasso, ambitious world-traveling DJ, kicking it up a notch with big beats and incomparable remixes.

At the height of festival season earlier this year, Picasso released his massive hit “Final Call” with a resounding applause from the slow build to the club beat that follows.

Now, Picasso’s hit and infamy have grown: Protocol has released a full four-remix package of Final Call. After his success with Oragami (2015), Saigon (2016), and Kirigami (2016), Florian has acquired quite the audience with Final Call

Quickly becoming one of the hottest new faces on the electronic music scene, Picasso is joined by a wide international force on the remix package. French producers Tom Tyger and Nico de Andrea debuted with this remix on Protocol earlier this year, and Korean star Raiden performed at Ultra Miami and Korea this year. Martin Garrix's friends Mesto & Justin Mylo are making their Protocol debut with their "Final Call" remix. Adding his own flair to the remix scene, Florian Picasso provided a remix of his own, telling the same imaginative story with a different perspective and unwinding energy.

One thing that is sure to say about Protocol is their investment in up-and-coming talent from across the globe. One of the leaders in exceptional EDM hits and remixes, Protocol wins again with some of the best and most vibrant sounds in the industry. 

If you liked what Picasso did earlier this year, you’re sure to love the latest workings of his hit Final Call from Protocol. Be sure to give it a look below, and keep an eye out for more great things from the EDM scene and Protocol later this year!