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The Partysquad Returns to Spinnin’ Records with Release of Pum Pum

New MusicErin PierceComment

Having created their own label and big name for themselves, The Partysquad has rejoined Spinnin’ Records for the joint release of their new hit Pum Pum. In true music spirit, the hit has been made available for free on Soundcloud.

“We are happy to welcome back The Partysquad to our family, along with their trusted label Rebel Yard. They truly are a legendary act that has helped shape dance music as it is today. We are confident we can take each other to great heights again, starting with this free download “Pum Pum” - the future is looking bright.” – Said Spinnin’ to lay the foundation of a new era.

After opening up Rebel Yard Music in the Netherlands with a wide spread of music tailored from influences like reggae to their hard-hitting passion for dance music, The Partysquad used their forward thinking for new music releases as well as new talent.  

The drive for what The Partysquad calls experimental music has been received with open arms by the music industry and fans alike. Some of the releases through Rebel Yard, like Industrial Sound (DJ Punish) and Badman Rave EP (The Partysquad), were highly acclaimed by leaders in the dance music and production industry.


The August release of Pum Pum was highlighted largely in part by the joint release of the single between Spinnin’ Records and Rebel Yard Music, the first of its kind for the duo. This branding represents what many have called a new chapter for both record labels and all of the individuals involved in the project. The single itself, including a range of background vocal edits, begins with a settled beat but builds up into an incredible drop with a range of percussion elements throughout. PERFECT for the club scene.


If you haven’t caught this latest hit from The Partysquad, Spinnin’ Records, and The Rebel Yard: