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5 Spotify Features You Need To Check Out Now!

Tess WittComment

Whether you’ve been using Spotify for years or you’re a newbie, Spotify is packed with opportunities to find new music and explore new genres.

Maximize your subscription with these “hidden” features. You’ve probably heard of Discover Weekly, but I’ve found there’s so many ways to find new music. To me, Spotify is both my “decompressor” and the fuel to everything I do. When I found out they had discounted student rates, I was quick to hop on that.

About two years ago, I hopped on the Spotify train and found myself only playing the same few couple of songs. Although I loved my go-to jams, I didn’t realize how many features come with this top music streaming app. Through these, I’ve found countless new artists, songs, albums - the whole nine yards! I’ve even had the chance to explore my favorite artists and remixes.

If you're looking to add to your playlists, here's a great place to start!

1. Release Radar - Every Friday, Spotify rounds up a playlist of new releases from artists that you listen to and some new picks sprinkled in there. 

2. Genre/Moods - From hip-hop to chill beats, there's about every genre and mood you could image. If you're feeling it, there's a playlist for you, and you'll probably discover new music on the way.

3. Your Daily Mix - This feature mixes together all of your favorite songs you've been listening to in one continuous playlist....and there are multiple Daily Mix options! 

4. Concerts - Spotify takes your location, filters the upcoming concerts, and transfers you to TicketMaster to purchase tickets. It's a very nice and convenient way to find new concerts and expand your horizon! 

5. Fade In/Out - I feel like I'm always in a concert with the transition feature on Spotify. I didn't find this until a few weeks ago, but I love it! It allows you to fade in, then fade out your songs for smooth listening. All you have to do is go to settings + show advanced settings + playback + cross fade songs. It'll change your listening experience! 

Happy listening!